The Process

The Process:

The Marble Arch Research due diligence and client selection model is based upon the unearthing and profiling of exciting early stage companies. In most cases, these companies have reached an inflection point in their business models and reflect these characteristics:
• Company is engaged in a large addressable market.
• We deem that the Firm has inherent advantages.
• Company has a strong management team with a history of success.
• Closed noteworthy early stage funding.
• The Firm appears attractive based on key valuation metrics

Once engaged, we begin the 5-step process of transforming innovative companies into investment-ready companies. Our pre-funding process includes:

  • A Wall Street-quality research report
  • Business Plan/Model Guidance
  • Financial Forecasts
  • 3rd Party Valuation
  • Training in “Investor-Speak

To execute the desired exit strategy on behalf of the founders and early investors, company management teams must be prepared to be engaged in the pre-funding and post-funding process. Through the routine publication of updated research and other materials as well as roadshow meetings with investors and strategic partners, fundings and favorable exits can occur.