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Our services are in high demand by clients and investors alike.

For our private company clients, MAR research reports provide a proper description of their companies and respective industry positioning, along with invaluable present-day and future, 3rd party valuations.

Our investor contacts include leading players in the early stage to pre-IPO funding arena, including angel funds, investment firms, family offices, investment banks, and high net worth individuals. These groups routinely demonstrate a major appetite for meeting with MAR clients as we have developed a reputation for working only with cutting edge companies. Thus, our reports and related advisory services are welcomed because they can shorten their due diligence process.

Reg A+
The proliferation of Reg A+ offerings is a great avenue for companies seeking to go public. Moreover, private companies and leading emerging growth investment banks have found that MAR research reports are an ideal informational tool that can enhance the success of Reg A+ offerings.

Public Companies
On the public side, our sponsored research reports primarily target our network of retail investors via email, social media, and strategic partners. The style and format for both private and public company research is largely the same. However, public company reports contain an investment rating and price target and research engagements vary.